Since 1930 the Solé family have been bakers of Esterri d'Àneu.

Family tradition

Grandfather Antonio moved to the area from Isona in the neighboring county of Pallars Jussà, since it was one of the three villages in the area that had a bakery that was temporarily without Baker. The original bakery “Casa Isona” opened on 1 November 1930 and was behind the church, where there is now a great-granddaughter burger directed by Antonio. Then came the bread in the supermarket’s Main Street, also owned by the family alone.

After a fire in 1970, the bakery was moved from inside the village to new facilities at the end of Main Street. Since 1972, the second generation (also Antonio) started to make some pies and cakes, especially the traditional Easter cakes and cakes Recapte.

Now, the bakery is being run by the third generation master baker and grandson (also named Antonio), and the business is very different from what it was originally. Since the early 80s Anthony began producing a wide range of bakery that sold in the supermarket family in the village. After taking over from his father in 1996, he built a store next to the bakery was open during the summer months for selling bread, cakes and pies to the villagers and tourists Visit Àneu alike.

After extensive renovations and expansions, the current “Granja l’Aneuenca” es va obrir a temps complet a l’estiu de l’any 2001opened full time in the summer of 2001.

The bakery is now much different from its origins. What has not changed however is finding the owner of perfection and excellence, following traditional guidelines of quality. Not surprisingly Antoni was one of the first bakers to receive the Diploma and Master Craftsman Craftsmen Food of the Generalitat of Catalonia, while Aneuenca was the first business to receive the denomination of the Craft Industry Lleida.

The Oven

The oven was opened on Thanksgiving Day (01/11) of 1930 and in 1972 began working pastries, though some things were already Seasonal buns, cake with recapte herrings of panadons spinach, cake baker and cake festival.

Today it has a lot of specialties: cakes, crackers, ice creams, pastries tea, cakes and pastries …

One of the queens is called pasta ROC DE SANT MAURICI, specialty made from egg whites, sugar and almonds. As for cakes, working all kinds of pasta, traditional and also a specialty of the house such as yogurt or cheese cake with blueberry jam (a product that gives name to the valley and joins our logo ). One of the star products of the house is the icing and bands biscuit pastry with fruit.

The clientele that we are ordinary people, but given the small number of inhabitants, in summer and in seasons when more turítiques produced and when we have stocked more.